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Wedding Venues in Summer: Things to Bear In Mind

Wedding season is upon us: an eight-month stretch that leaves event managers and wedding planners and prospective husbands and wives alike pulling out their hair all over the country. Between May and December is generally the most popular, and most expensive time to get married. So, why are so many people dead-set on tying the knot during this period?

Well, there is method in the madness. Apparently the tradition of a summer wedding dates back to ancient Rome, where the first day of June was set aside as a celebration of marriage and childbirth. Although there was no so-called wedding season, marriages were still conducted throughout Summer into the modern era because flowers were more readily available. Now, we can festoon our wedding venues with flowers all year round, but the tradition still stands.

If you’re following this centuries’ old tradition for your big day, there are a few things you should bear in mind.

Wedding Venues and British Summer 

If you can count on one thing, it’s that British weather will always be unpredictable. Whether you’re prepping for an outdoor wedding with a quirky festival feel or a quaint garden party vibe, there’s never a guarantee that the sun will hold out. A spot of rain doesn’t have to spell disaster though. If you’re set on having an outdoor ceremony, choose a venue with a backup option. Most rural wedding venues are well equipped to handle the weather, with licensed barns available for a sheltered and cosy ceremony that’s as close to nature as you can possible get.

Summer Cuisine

If there’s another thing you can count on, it’s British stoicism. Even if it does rain, we’ll still want to celebrate with a cool glass of Pimm’s and something smoky from the BBQ. This is especially important if you do get the ideal weather for you big day. Nobody wants to be sitting down to a formal dinner in full formal attire in the middle of a heatwave, at least not without some refreshing cocktails to help cool down. If you’re looking to book a wedding venue for summer, let the season speak for itself with delicious finger foods fresh off the grill and batch-made cocktails on tap.

Sunny Stylings

We’ve been lucky the last few years, with record-breaking heatwaves that almost got a little to hot for our liking. Consider this when you’re shopping for your dress or suit. Brides, think light fabrics and capped sleeves. Also, if you’re getting married outdoors, you might want to forgo that train in favour of something a little shorter. Grooms, consider linen suits rather than wool, and it would probably be best to leave the three-piece at home.

Hall Farm Wedding Venue

Hall Farm is a remote wedding venue nestled on the northern edge of the Norfolk Broads, with a relaxed atmosphere available on a completely exclusive basis. We’ve got several gorgeous spaces available for you to set up your wedding, with a close-knit terrace of cottages where you and your closest friends and family can celebrate your summer wedding for a full weekend of festivities.

Contact us today to talk about hiring our summery wedding venue for 2019, or for further down the line.

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