Frequently asked questions

Can we bring our own alcohol?

Yes you may, we do not charge corkage. You will need to respect our neighbours and finish your celebrations in the Water Meadow and Wooded Lake by 11.30pm and ensure you remove all rubbish, including all empty bottles, at the end of your four day hire period.

Do we have to use your preferred suppliers?

The only stipulation we make is that you use one of our recommended marquee suppliers as they are familiar with our site. Other than that you may use whomever you wish for everything else wedding related!

Would it be possible to get married in a nearby place of worship instead of having a Civil marriage at Hall Farm?

Absolutely no problem, you would obviously just need to make the necessary arrangements yourself though.

Do you allow confetti?

Yes we do, although we ask that it be biodegradable as we are in a conservation area.

Are we allowed fireworks or a fire pit?

As we are in the middle of a rural area and there are many fields nearby we are sorry to say that no, you would not be allowed fireworks or a fire pit, or and sky lanterns.

If we have guests coming who are not staying are they able to leave their cars at the venue overnight?

Yes of course, just let us know roughly how many cars this may be in advance.

What if we only wanted to hire the Water Meadow or Wooded Lake?

Unfortunately this is not possible as the self-catering cottages would be let to our holiday guests and to be fair to them we would only book weddings where all the accommodation is used by wedding guests.