Places to Get Married: Game of Thrones Actor Gets Hitched in Vegas

May 2, 2019

Superstar actor Sophie Turner, or as the world truly knows her, the ice-cold Lady of Winterfell, Sansa Stark recently announced her surprise marriage to the world. Fans have been aware for over a year that the long-time Game of Thrones actor has been engaged to partner Joe Jonas, so the ceremony should come as no ...


Wedding Receptions: The New Wedding Dress ‘Trend’

April 15, 2019

There have been a few mainstream media outlets recently touting a “controversial” new wedding trend; the two-dress wedding. Since Meghan Markle made the world double-take with her show-stopping second dress at the Royal Wedding last year, more and more brides are buying into the two-dress trend. This generally involves a traditional gown for the ceremony ...


Wedding Venues in Summer: Things to Bear In Mind

April 1, 2019

Wedding season is upon us: an eight-month stretch that leaves event managers and wedding planners and prospective husbands and wives alike pulling out their hair all over the country. Between May and December is generally the most popular, and most expensive time to get married. So, why are so many people dead-set on tying the ...


Eco Friendly Woodland Weddings

March 21, 2019

Weddings are often unfairly associated with waste and excess. The problem lies in the fact that this is one of the most momentous occasions in your life. Yet it’s still possible to make eco friendly decisions when planning the big day. This is particularly appropriate if you’re having a woodland wedding. In this blog post, ...


BYOB: Alcohol and Wedding Venues

March 10, 2019

Planning a wedding reception is a matter of mental gymnastics, politics, and intense mathematics. Checking dietary requirements. Deciding on a seating plan. Censoring speeches. It can feel as if there’s no end to the challenges of planning a meal that lasts just a few short hours. Then there’s the question of alcohol. Some wedding venues ...


Wedding Venue Hacks: How to Finalise Your Guest List

February 17, 2019

The question’s been popped. You’ve narrowed down your wedding venue options. Your theme is finally starting to come together.Planning a wedding is a medley of spinning plates, but when everything starts turning smoothly, the stress gives way to satisfaction. Yet there’s one element of wedding planning that tends to be more unwieldy challenging than the ...


Woodland Weddings: 5 Tips for Writing Your Own Vows

January 31, 2019

  Woodland weddings are filled with charm and personality. They tend to attract brides and grooms that are looking to let their character shine in every detail; including their vows. Writing your own vows can be the hardest part of wedding planning. Even the most creative couples can suffer from an artistic block when it ...


Wedding Venues in Winter: Things to Bear in Mind

January 20, 2019

Wedding season typically stretches from the end of May until December, with brides and grooms looking to take advantage of the longer days and the relatively warmer weather. Yet there’s nothing quite as magical as a marriage in winter – particularly with a rural wedding venue. All wedding venues transform in winter. Earlier sunsets change ...


Making the Most of Your Norfolk Wedding Venue

December 21, 2018

The right wedding venue is more than just a setting for your special day. It can play a thematic role in the proceedings, underlying every other decision that goes into your careful preparation. You can choose to lean into the style and tone of the setting or go completely against the grain. Often, the most ...


Wedding Trends of 2019

December 6, 2018

In 2018, all eyes turned to the world’s very first American princess as Megan Markle walked down the stunning aisle of St George’s Chapel. The Royal Wedding was both traditional, modern, and utterly enchanting – and we don’t expect its influence to go anywhere throughout 2019. Whether it’s a sense of sparkling minimalism inspired by ...


Save on Wedding Costs at Hall Farm

October 21, 2018

With a recent survey stating wedding costs in the UK are at an all-time high at an average of over £32k, people are trying to find the best value for money for all aspects of their special day.   Hall Farm offers a unique package called ‘exclusively yours’, that can help to save costs yet ...


Why Should I Have My Wedding in Norfolk?

September 12, 2018

Choosing a wedding location can often be the hardest decision. Do you go local? Do you go half way between yours and your other half’s families? Or do you pick somewhere that provides the perfect backdrop, regardless of location?   A Norfolk Wedding is an ideal choice. For those who live below the Midlands, it’s ...


Autumnal Wedding Ideas

August 19, 2018

The summer wedding season is slowly coming to an end, but autumn weddings are on the rise. Think crisp weather, brown and orange colour schemes, and cosy wedding receptions. In today’s post we’re sharing some of our favourite autumnal wedding ideas.   The Ceremony   Some people think an autumn wedding means that you are ...


Tips for an Affordable Wedding

July 25, 2018

Weddings are expensive. This is a well-known fact, and with a recent report stating that the average wedding is now hitting the £30k mark, people are trying to find ways to cut costs without compromising on your special day. In today’s blog post we’ll list some of our favourite tips to help you plan an ...


2018 Wedding Trends

July 10, 2018

Every year there are lots of new wedding trends that we see across the country. Here is our pick of the best trends we’ve seen become popular in 2018.   Bohemian Wedding Dresses   Bohemian wedding dresses have been a popular choice for brides for quite some time, but this year the trend is really ...


Top 4 Wedding Song Choices For Your First Dance

June 9, 2018

Picking the song for your first dance at your wedding is often considered one of the most important choices for your special day. For some people this can be an easy choice, however for others it can be more difficult. In today’s post we’re sharing our top 4 wedding songs for your first dance.   ...


Woodland Wedding Theme Ideas

May 19, 2018

Woodland weddings are one of the most popular wedding themes in the UK currently, so making your wedding unique can be a bit of a challenge. In this blog post we outline some of the best ways you can give your woodland wedding a unique touch.   Flowers   For those who decide on a ...


Unusual Wedding Venues in the UK

April 24, 2018

Finding your perfect wedding venue can be difficult, and finding something unique is even harder. However, there are lots of unusual wedding venues in the UK that will leave you with a day to remember. In this blog you’ll find some of our favourite unusual wedding venues in the UK.   National Space Centre – ...


Book Your Norfolk Wedding at Hall Farm

April 11, 2018

Norfolk provides a beautiful setting for any wedding, with lots of rural environments providing the perfect scenery for a day to remember.   Hall Farm is the ideal venue for your Norfolk wedding. We’re located in a quiet corner of the Norfolk Broads, proving a private venue for your entire day, including the accommodation!   ...


Why You Should Choose a Spring Wedding

March 30, 2018

The clocks have gone forward and we’ve got lighter nights, Spring has officially sprung! This time of year is the perfect time for a wedding, and here are our reasons why:   Symbolism   Any wedding is full of symbolism, including the ring representing eternal love and the ring finger was believed to contain the ...


Woodland Weddings in Norfolk

March 15, 2018

According to a survey by Confetti in 2017 the most popular wedding theme was ‘woodland’ or ‘rustic’ with 16% of those surveyed having this type of wedding. This trend is set to continue throughout 2018 and beyond – woodland weddings aren’t going out of style any time soon!   If you’re planning a wedding in ...


Fines for Brides who are late to their own wedding!

January 6, 2018

A vicar is hoping to change a tradition of the bride being late for her wedding with a £100 fine. Reverend John Corbyn, of the Holy Cross Church in Bearstead, said couples who are on time will get their £100 deposit back along with their wedding certificate at the end of the ceremony. But those ...


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just revealed their Wedding date!

December 2, 2017

Congratulations!   It’s happening! It’s really happening! Prince Harry and fiancée Meghan Markle just revealed the day that they will tie the knot. Mark your calendars, everyone, and prepare to call in sick to work, because the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be on—drumroll, please!—May 19, 2018.   Just a day after the ...


Designing a Wedding weekend

November 9, 2017

Wedding weekends are a great way of maximising the amount of time you spend with your friends and family. Often, many friends and family members live away from either where the couple live or where they are having their wedding, so by extending the celebrations it makes their journey even more worthwhile! The most suitable ...


Halloween themes!

October 25, 2017

Could you say “I Do” with the spooks..? If you love the spookiest night of the year, but are hesitating on committing to this theme for your big event, you should really check out these ideas. While a Halloween wedding might not be the most conventional theme, it is a popular one. If you love ...


Honeymoons in August

August 10, 2017

Where would you choose to honeymoon in August? August is one of the most popular months for a wedding in the UK – mainly because of the high chance of good weather. But when it comes to honeymoon planning, you need to consider that August is peak school holiday time, airports are crowded and prices tend to be ...


Outdoor Weddings

July 21, 2017

Open aired and unique Outdoor weddings are a unique and free-spirited way of saying your vows-and here at Hall Farm, they are done in breathtaking locations with stunning photograph opportunities for your big day. The natural tranquility of the lake sets a dazzling scene, with the sunlight sparkling brilliantly on the surface. Exclusive use of ...


Swarovski heiress’s Wedding dress

June 23, 2017

A dress to top all dresses There are wedding dresses, and there are “oh my days, what is this item of pure beauty straight out of my dreams” wedding dresses. And one frock in particular is practically breaking the internet right now. It’s the dress of Victoria Swarovski, a singer and heir to the Swarovski crystal ...


Fall in love with Weddings at Hall Farm

May 24, 2017

When it comes times to plan the biggest day of your life we all know every bride’s main focus, after the dress of course, is the venue. Where you decide to hold your wedding can set the tone tor the entire event thus making it one of the hardest decisions a bride will face. And ...


Blushin’ It

May 17, 2017

Today we’re talking colour. Specifically, the colour pink. In the world of weddings, colour schemes can be the make or break of a wedding. Some people like to take risks with their colour palettes whereas others like to play it safe but the good news is ‘Blush Rose’ has been dubbed a now and forever ...


Wedding Dress Trends of 2017

May 3, 2017

With another bridal fashion week coming to an end, let’s take a moment to revel in the stunning bridal trends of Spring 2017. From sleek gowns to lush dresses fit for a princess designed by the likes of Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta this year’s bridal fashion week saw some of ...


A Venue to remember

April 25, 2017

Spring is a beautiful time of year – with fresh flowers starting to blossom and the warmth of the spring sunshine, it makes it the perfect season for a charming and elegant wedding. When we think of spring weddings, we think of afternoon garden parties with picturesque lawns layered in neutral, pretty flowers, whimsical decorations, ...


Why choose Hall Farm?

April 19, 2017

When you’re planning your wedding, one of the most important and difficult decisions you can make is choosing a wedding venue. We know that there are so many different options to choose from, from rural countryside locations to extravagant modern celebrations, that making the big decision can often be a little overwhelming. But we’re here ...


Three reasons to have a Spring Wedding

April 12, 2017

Say hello to Spring! Springtime is quite possibly one of the most beautiful times of the year to get married. Winter has faded, flowers are in full bloom and a glorious burst of colour has come to life bringing with it a picture perfect backdrop for your wedding. The Colours As nature springs back into ...


Our top tips for planning your Wedding

April 5, 2017

We all know planning a wedding is one of the hardest yet fun things you’ll ever have to do so to ensure your special day goes without a hitch we’ve compiled a list of our top wedding planning tips. Start Planning Early   If your wedding date is set two years from now it doesn’t ...


Five steps to finding the dress of your dreams

March 29, 2017

Whether you have been dreaming about your wedding dress since you were twelve and have meticulously placed every last sequin or if you haven’t given the slightest second’s thought to what your dress should look like – shopping for your wedding dress is a once in a lifetime experience. But with the plethora of wedding ...


Three breathtaking colour schemes for your country Wedding

March 22, 2017

As the wintery weather looms a little longer we can’t help but dream of all the stunning winter weddings and the dreamy colour combinations so what better time to take a look at some inspirational colour schemes for your wedding? From the traditional to the cool and contemporary, these colour schemes will work like a ...


More than just a venue

March 15, 2017

As little girls we can all remember piecing our wedding details together so very intricately whilst we took turns in describing our future nuptials to our bestest friends. But it is only as we get older and busier do we realise the hours upon hours of work and dedication that will actually go into bringing ...


A blank canvas

March 8, 2017

When you choose Hall Farm as the venue for your big day, you are choosing something truly unique and memorable. No other venue can offer you the space, seclusion, and stunning scenery quite like Hall Farm can. So we compiled a little list of reasons why you should choose us as your wedding venue.   ...


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