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Woodland Weddings: 5 Tips for Writing Your Own Vows


Woodland weddings are filled with charm and personality. They tend to attract brides and grooms that are looking to let their character shine in every detail; including their vows. Writing your own vows can be the hardest part of wedding planning. Even the most creative couples can suffer from an artistic block when it comes to putting words on the page.


At Hall Farm Cottages, we thought it would be good to run you through out top five tips for writing your own vows for your woodland wedding.

  1. Read Plenty of Examples Online

Brides and grooms usually want to write their own vows for the sake of originality, but that doesn’t mean you can’t draw inspiration from others. A good starting point for writing your woodland wedding vows is to read explore traditional and quirky examples alike online. Find a style or tone that resonates with you, and use that as a format for penning your own woodland wedding vows.

  1. Do Some Relationship Revision

Another worthy tip is to sit down with your partner and your mutual friends to jot down some of the things that are unique to you. What are the things you like most about one another? What are some of your pet pieces? If your fiancé is always complaining that you never wash your beard hairs from the sink, make a note of it. You can promise to always rinse after shaving. Don’t be afraid to be sincere, or to inject a little humour into your vows. Both your partner and your guests will love you for it.

  1. Make Sure You’re On the Same Page

Writing your vows might be a way to surprise your partner, but it’s best to make sure your on the same page so that one person isn’t talking for longer than the other. Come up with a format and set some boundaries. If you don’t want your partner bringing up certain in-jokes during the ceremony, simply say so.

  1. Strike a Balance

Originality is what most brides and grooms are striving for when writing their woodland wedding vows. Most people will tend to avoid clichés, but there’s a reason that certain timeless phrases crop up again and again. Your delivering these vows in front of all your friends and family, and while it should be a truly personal moment between you and your partner, you might want to consider them. Try to limit the amount of in-jokes so they never like they’re merely witnessing something rather than being a part of it.

  1. Write it Down and Practice

It goes without saying that you will have to write your vows down at some point, but it’s also worth speaking them aloud and timing yourself so you know exactly how long your little speech is going to last. Rope in some of the bridal party or groomsmen and perform a mock run through so you know you’re comfortable reading your vows aloud.


Woodland Weddings with Hall Farm Cottages

Hall Farm Cottages has been hosting woodland weddings on the Norfolk Broads for years. We are always learning new ways to help our guests plan the weddings of their dreams, and try to share as much of our knowledge as possible. Read more of our recent blog posts to learn about Making the Most of Your Norfolk Wedding Venue and the biggest Wedding Trends of 2019.


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