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Wedding Receptions: The New Wedding Dress ‘Trend’

There have been a few mainstream media outlets recently touting a “controversial” new wedding trend; the two-dress wedding. Since Meghan Markle made the world double-take with her show-stopping second dress at the Royal Wedding last year, more and more brides are buying into the two-dress trend. This generally involves a traditional gown for the ceremony and a less cumbersome wedding reception dress. Megan’s was elegant and sleek, bearing her arms with a flattering halterneck style. The beauty of the trend though is that it lets the bride express themselves that little bit more. A quick browse for wedding reception dresses online yields countless styles that do-away with convention to usher in a little more personality for the party.
So, why is this wedding trend being deemed controversial by the tabloids? It seems that opinions are divided on whether adding an extra dress means adding an extra layer of stress to the day. This is less of a concern for the bride, who can do as she likes on the big day, as it is for the bridesmaids. If the brides are changing out of their gowns for their own wedding receptions, should the bridesmaids be following suit?
Being a bridesmaid is a massive privilege, but privilege and obligation are two sides of the same coin. The role comes with quite a lot of baggage and often involves hard work. If you are considering buying yourself a second dress for your wedding reception, consider making it optional for your bridesmaids. Also, make it clear that this is an opt-in deal and not obligatory; especially if they’re buying their own dresses for the occasion. The cost of two dresses might be affordable on your wedding day, but the price of a bridesmaid’s dress and a second wedding reception outfit might just be above your bridesmaid’s budgets.
The other thing to note about this so-called controversial “new” wedding trend is that it isn’t even particularly new. While it is uncommon, modern brides have been changing out of their formal gowns into something more party-ready for years. This is primarily because it can be hard to do the Hokey Cokey in a ball gown. It’s also worth noting that other cultures have their brides wear multiple wedding dresses on their wedding day, and they have been doing for centuries. In Moroccan tradition, it’s not unheard for a bride to wear as many as seven dresses between their ceremony and their wedding reception.
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